6 Makeup Brush Sets You Need For a Flawless Face

Any artist worth their salt has a solid set of tools which help them create something beautiful. The right makeup brushes are the key to creating a flawless looking makeup application. While makeup sponges and even your hands can apply your makeup easily, brushes give a certain precision to your eyes, face and lip makeup. 

Makeup brushes are not one size fit all anymore. A solid set of brushes will give you options for applying foundation, concealer, bronzer and so on. Eye brush sets should include a blending brush, crease brush and a flat shader brush for applying eyeshadow on the lid. 

We’re giving you a rundown of 6 brush sets that we love and that we think you’ll love too. The recommendations range from drugstore favorites to luxury brushes that are worth the splurge. 

6 Makeup Brush Sets You Need For a Flawless Face

Best Luxury Brushes

Laruce Beauty Rennie Brush Set $155.00- Laruce is an indie brand established in 2019 that created vegan and hypo-allergenic brushes. The Rennie brush set is 14 pieces of eye and face brushes that come in a travel storage cup. It’s not just the price that deem these brushes as luxurious. It’s the solid handles, and each brush head that is fluffy, tapered and tailor made for a seamless makeup application. These brushes are sold exclusively at Nordstrom and the larger sets are available on the Laruce website. 

Laruce Rennie Brush Set

Best Makeup Artist Brush Set

Real Techniques Flawless Base Set $19.99 – Real Techniques brushes are a favorite amongst makeup artists for a reason. Each set is curated to give you exactly what you need for your makeup application. The Flawless Base Set includes foundation, concealer and contour brush for precision application. These brushes are also long lasting, with care they can last you for a few years. 

Real Techniques Flawless Face Base Set

Best Affordable Brushes

ELF Flawless Face 6 Piece Brush Collection $15.00-. The 6 brushes in this set are beginner friendly and are labeled so you know which brush is for what. Your foundation will lay flawlessly using the Ultimate Blending brush in this set. Conceal and cover any blemishes with ease with the dense head of the concealer brush. The makeup lover in your life will love this eye set from ELF. 

ELF 6 Piece Brush Collection

Best Eye Brushes

BH Cosmetics Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set $14-This 7 piece brush set gives you everything that you need to achieve a flawless eye look. The tapered blending brush gives you precise control that allows you to blend your shadow seamlessly. The synthetic hairs are long lasting and hold up well after washing and reshaping them. 

BH Cosmetics Eye Essentials Brush Set

Influencer Approved Brushes

Sigma Beauty Basic Eye Brush Kit $77- Sigma Beauty brushes are a staple in the beauty blogs and influencer world for a good reason. The quality of Sigma brushes allow them to last in your kit for years. The cult favorite E40 blending brush makes achieving the most intricate eyeshadow looks a breeze. It blends and softens harsh lines so your eyeshadow looks flawless. 

Best Travel Sized Brush Set

IT Cosmetic Brushes Your Superheroes Full-Size Travel Makeup Brush Set $50 This IT Cosmetic travel brush set is exclusive to Ulta and is a must have in your suitcase. All of the brushes in this collection are full-size and come with a compact travel carry bag. Perfect your on-the-go looks with the brushes which include foundation, concealer and eyeshadow brushes.  

IT Cosmetics Full Size Travel Brushes

When shopping for new makeup brushes, I like to look for density and the feel of the bristles. Quality brushes should feel soft enough to pick up your foundation or eyeshadow. The handles should be sturdy and easy to hold in your hand as well. While natural brushes are fantastic, synthetic brushes give sustainability and are more affordable. 

Let us know which brush set is your holy grail in the comments. Will you be trying any of our suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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